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Looking back at the few decades gone by, it’s been a mix of bloom and gloom, but I’ll choose bloom – it’s the happier alternative. They say a stormy sea makes a good sailor; I agree, as long as the sailor stays alive to tell of it. The waves and tides that send some neighbouring ships into capsizing while seemingly sparing yours cannot but send chills down your spine, leaving you filled with an aftertaste of gratitude to the Almighty.

Sometimes your own ship wobbles at the slightest provocation and everything seems to be heading south, and in that instant you see other ships balanced and unperturbed, you may be left with wonder as to why the sea hates you so.

You see friend, as you journey there’ll be highs and lows, crests and troughs, norths and souths, crescendo-decrescendo, in all these things just stay afloat.

As long as you’re afloat, render always the incense of gratitude. Let not the sight of other ships ahead and intact play pranks on thy psyche, take a quick glance behind thee and you’ll see many more ships approaching.

Sometimes, a race doesn’t need speed, it needs perseverance, patience and persistence. Life isn’t a dash or sprint, more like a marathon. Endurance, technique and stamina are more important than speed, even though speed isn’t unnecessary.

While you may not yet have arrived a certain desired landmark, you’re definitely not stuck at the harbour nor stagnant at some point. Even if the plan was to fly, as long as you’re at least crawling (or walking or running), be grateful while you make efforts to get wings in the air.

Never ever run out of gratitude.

Today, at this landmark I specially want to express undiluted gratitude to God for the good, the bad and the ugly (He being the author of the good and I being the engineer and architect of the rest). I may not have arrived at my set out destination for a landmark as this, but I’m definitely way ahead in many ways than one.

Am I there yet? NO. But soon I’ll be, certainly! I have unreserved joy today and it’s all because of God.

I am alive today, I begin another calendar year of my own, and yes I am grateful!


Oluwatosin Fatade

(c) 2016

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A firm believer in the grace-full finished works of Christ, a grateful beneficiary of God's never-ending grace, sights the good in all, gives the benefit of doubt always, hates Religion, loves the Lord. Medical doctor


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