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Written by Alexandra Akinnadeju

I report myself to the Holy Spirit when I have flaunted an order recklessly. Tell you the truth, it is more of me reporting God and Jesus (the word– those hard to chew parts) to him. Just laugh, I know you find my concept totally ridiculous! So I had this conversation with Him, because I had just gotten this order to speak in tongues more!

Me: You know I think God is tired of all my prayer antics
Holy Spirit: hmmm
Me: I know, I kinda like to cry at times. I grumble, I rant, I stamp my feet. Oh yes, I get loud at times; he has told me he is close by and there is no need to shout!
Holy Spirit: He loves you. He adores you. He is your Father.
Me: I know, but he is just tired of listening!
Holy Spirit: He cannot stop listening, or stop being faithful. He cannot deny Himself.
Me: So why would He say I should speak more in tongues? It seems less personal, unlike me telling him about my day. I must apologize for getting carried away sometimes. I just slip into day dreaming, and I shut up fast when I pray that way.
Holy Spirit: (I felt him smile) Do you remember that scene from one night with the king, when Esther didn’t know what to choose when they were brought into the king’s treasure room?
Me: And the eunuch said he would help her? You know I prefer the book to the movie.
Holy Spirit: Clears his throat (it’s his way of gently saying ‘focus’!) Do you remember those days you asked for the blank cheque?
Me: My needs are so many these days, one cheque cannot contain it all; a car, a good job, a good home, cute triplets, my cousin, brother… I’m just casting all my cares on Him now really.
Holy Spirit: You looked at it (getting a blank cheque) as the height of friendship with God. You would say Moses got one, Solomon got one
Me: But how does this fit into my speaking in tongues request?
Holy Spirit: You’ve always had the blank cheque and never filled it.
Me: How so?
Holy Spirit: He loved you first!
Me: Hmm, that’s true.

Holy Spirit: So what would your cheque read?
Me: Now, that is a tough one. I wanna put in what pleases him. Hmm, but what about all my other requests? How do I squeeze in the multitude of them all?
Holy Spirit: So, you want the one thing that covers all, and that would please your king?
Me: Yes, yes! But what? Help me…you said you would help when I don’t know what to say
Holy Spirit: I also know your king and what he would like. And I would love to share it with you.
Me: I’m ready, I’m all ears.
Holy Spirit: This is why I want to speak to you in a way that will bypass all of your cares, they are interfering. So let’s package and encrypt your requests into a portable form for this cheque, shall we? Not to worry, He can decrypt it, he totally understands this language. Feel free to say it all in your language too, it will soothe and help you.

1 Corinthians 14

Written by: Alexandra Akinnadeju

I am Alexandra, the girl next door (an earthen vessel). What folks mostly miss about me is who dwells within; a rare treasure, the one who dreams, observes, analyses, complements, questions and/or argues with God over all that intrigues me. I love writing. This is the one space where I and God agree on every stroke of every word on a piece. Our most valued work of all times is - the painting of who I am!

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