Lazy Beauty

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She was an epitome of beauty, every man wanted to be close to her. Her charming smile could drop any man dead. In fact guys were ready to wait for her for eternity. She was gorgeous. She walked gracefully and could get anything she wanted within the twinkle of an eye.
Her love made a man who left his parents’ house to her father’s house to work with the hope that the father would give her hand in marriage. Her name was Rachel; his name, Jacob.
Alas! This ‘beautiful lady’ was not worth the wait. She was not patient, not ready to wait, a thief among other things. A Yoruba adage implies a woman with good character but no beauty is better than one with beauty but no character.
The man waited, wasted fourteen years in all. He was initially made to serve seven years in return for the lady. He was deceived, he was handed the not-so-beautiful elder sister as wife and he only found out at night! He protested, he was made to understand that according to the custom of the land, the younger cannot be given out in marriage before the elder. He was made an offer to serve another seven years for the beautiful lady he really desired. Our brother signed the deal for another seven years (Even though Jacob’s wages were changed severally, he was also gullible and refused to equip himself with necessary information. If he was well versed in the customs of the land, he wouldn’t have been so duped).
He served the father more than even before and the Lord helped him much in that time so much that the flock of his master flourished and increased. The love was so strong in his heart that the seven years seemed like just a few days. The beautiful lady made no efforts to train herself or work on good character for all those years the young man was labouring and waiting.
Despite the fact that Rachel and Jacob were in close proximity and probably throwing glances and winks, they kept themselves pure (Jacob and Rachel deserve a clap here). Ladies, keep yourselves pure, as should men everywhere.
The young man eventually got what he so wanted badly. Not minding how his wages had been severally changed, he still waited around in service with his first wife and new wife. Time came for him to finally leave for good, he received his father-in-law’s blessings and journeyed on.
The father-in-law discovered some of his valued possessions were missing and figured the young man must have carted them away. He pursued without delay and caught up with the journeying family, the young man felt offended and interrogated his own family members and after getting word that none of his took the father-in-law’s items, he angrily cursed whoever had stolen the items with death. The beautiful lady, newest wife was pregnant with child and was actually the culprit! She stole, denied stealing, cunningly evaded a search and even kept mute when the curse was proclaimed. She died later on that journey in childbirth.
What a waste! What item could she have stolen, refused to confess and ultimately died for? Searching the scriptures reveal it was an idol, a piece of wood, a manmade god that belonged to her father!
A whole lot of the womenfolk are like Rachel, beautiful, attractive and all that, being eagerly awaited by some Jacob somewhere. Luckily, these Jacobs are even ready to wait to any length but it’s unfortunate some of these Rachels are not worth the wait.
Proverbs 31 describes comprehensively in a framework what the characteristics of a virtuous woman should be. Energetic, strong, hardworking, capable, precious, clothed with strength and dignity, instructs with kindness, fears the Lord, trusted, brings good and not harm, busy hands , helps the needy and so much more!
Imagine you are returning home and the aroma from your own kitchen greets you warmly from the gate; I imagine you would hurry to get in and sink your teeth into whatever delicacy is brewing. How will you feel if the taste of that food doesn’t quite explain the aroma? Disappointed I guess…yeah exactly!
Your Jacob should not have to finally meet you and wish he only knew you from afar! Don’t send away the few Jacobs left with your bad manners. Equip and arm yourself with all the virtues you can think of and let the man that finds you rejoice for every single minute they have had to wait for you.
Enjoy God and His grace!

Oluwayimika Adegeye
© 2016

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