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Adeleye Oluwatomisin

This is eye opening..Thanks for posting this.a Most people dont understand that doctors are being overworked. The Nigerian health sector needs more hands. I just hope the Nigerian government will do something soon.

ife afolabi

Well done

We have to go beyond ourselves and hopefully the doc patient ratio will improve soon.


maybe he wanted to start on a super romantic note and save up on future anniversary celebrations, lol. thanks for reading and the feedback

Ade OmoAkin

Omode toba mo owo we, lon ba agba jeun.
The Bible says it best;
Proverbs 16:31 Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained in the way of righteousness.


God bless all those who have contributed merry to my Christmas,both young and old.


Hmmm this is profound. I was blessed by it. Weldone guys.


I love this price. Couldn’t have been better said.
God bless you.


What a flawless read. Thought of publishing a text book yet?

OC Erinne

Alex, this is a lovely, thought-provoking piece you’ve put up here!


Thank you OC.
Thanks for reading. God bless you. Hope you would check the next part too!


Looking forward to the remaining part of the story


Keep your eyes on this page, the concluding part drops tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by to read


We’re itching to post too but we all have to wait it seems. Stay tuned, the next part is just hours away. Thanks for stopping by


Thanks so much for this piece.. Its educative. God bless you


Hmmmm very informative and interesting to read. Thanks ore mi.Your head dey there, more ink to your biro.


Apt!First time mom…I heard enough of the myths..let’s just say i was defiant. that time I chop plantain pass…infact I did d exact opposite of the ‘beliefs’.Thumbs up doc!


You’ve just opened my mind to another perspective of “HOPE” that i never knew about.
Amazing write up

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