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There’s nothing that messes up a business like erratic intermittent services. Your skill, no matter how superior, will seem like nothing if you do not put it into constant use. In case you missed it, read about Consistency here

Many a times, we seek God’s help where he has already put us in charge to execute. We have to come into a full realisation of our importance and relevance if we are to make the best use of our time around here. And it really begins with the little things. Check out what we had to say on Responsibility here

We believers are in the world but are not of this world. If you were dropped into a pool or water body, wouldn’t you swim even though you’re not a fish? While we are here and passing, we can as well make sense. See how here

False alarmists are at a big risk of being ignored when they are actually in trouble; unrepentant jokers are likely to be taken lightly when they are actually serious. When such things happen, whose fault would it be? So before you scream next time, read this

Have you ever been in church and enjoyed a flash fiction or story-telling session only to discover they were testimonies? Shouldn’t there be a difference? Check out this post on Testimonies and tell us how you think it should be.

Have you ever lost a battle you won, or gotten a silver medal after being the first to breast the tape? Well it’s the same feeling when you have to accept that you’re wrong despite being right only because your adversary is older. Share your experience on the post Unquestionable Seniors.

So as the world celebrated Valentine yesterday, I couldn’t brush away the thought that there would be a few who don’t really dig into the whole thing. Not that they don’t want to, but the day probably serves as a terrible reminder. For some, it might have been a sexual hit and run that eventually turned them into a single parent; for some it was rape; for some, a broken relationship, and so on. Read Joseph’s story of one of such here.

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