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The scripture made mention of her in just 7 verses and that we refer to today; just 7 verses and we saw all she did! I’m so sure that while she was doing those things, she wasn’t expecting a payback event like this.

Peter seeing all that she had done was moved with compassion. Her history was not known before the event as recorded in the bible and the widows couldn’t allow her to leave them like that. Trust me, every act you do whether good or bad, someone somewhere is taking note of all that and ready to give an account or testify when need be.

If you followed the trend in Acts before chapter 9:36, it did not have any correlation to do with Tabitha but the scriptures couldn’t just continue without making mention of her.

Prior to that, there had never been a place in the New Testament when the disciples raised up the dead, remember the three before then were by Jesus, Jairus’ daughter, Lazarus, the son of the widow of Nain.

Tabitha was a skilled seamstress who had a wonderful reputation for doing good. She was full of good works and alms giving. She gave endlessly without expecting a pay back from people, and she kept on doing good regardless of whether she got appreciated or not.

The scripture didn’t give account of any other job that she probably might have been engaged in but it was clear that she was a seamstress and most likely a widow (she was in a company of widows). She did not use her present situation to judge or make excuses; some of us will use minor things that happened to us at one point or the other to define how we run/are running things in the present. Stop all the excuses, it doesn’t matter whatever had happened to you at one point, the hurts, disappointments, the loss; don’t let them define who you are now, keep doing good in whatever capacity you find yourself. Remember you are sowing seeds.

So, Dorcas got sick and died, her husband had died too (if she had one), but nothing happened to him thereafter, there was no account that she had a child too, she probably ought to be bitter with herself and life but she was cheerful, kept on doing good, made clothes for her fellow widows. Dorcas died, the people (widows) cried endlessly, then they heard that Peter was close by, in Lydda precisely (close to Joppa where they were) and sent for him. Peter followed them, she met people crying and showing the clothes and garments she made for them while alive.

Peter knelt down, prayed and called forth Tabitha – Dorcas, and she opened her eyes, sat up and he presented her alive. This miracle made many believe in the Lord. That wasn’t just a turning point in her life but in the life of Peter (1st time he raised the dead, the greater works).

Dorcas lived happily ever after, doing good and sowing garments for the people.

God bless you as you take your stand to keep doing good come what may and making every day of your life count, not just for you but also for all people.

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