The Price 2

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I’ve tried everything I can

I’ve laboured with all the strength in a man

Efforts were never sought

It was done before I was born

And the needful ‘one’ cannot be bought


My filthy rags of good works and stance

The stained stinking robes of performance

Have been outperformed by righteousness

Not my righteouness, but His

And now I’m clothed in a stain-free dress


All the hides, skins in the park

The logs, planks and trees with their barks

Won’t be enough for sacrifice

Earth’s streams, rivers, ponds, springs and lakes

Cannot for cleansing my filth suffice


Once kidnapped and nabbed in shame’s disgrace

But now I’m fully wrapped in amazing grace

Which flows in ceaselessly as a flood

For the ransom was paid in full

In no better form than royal blood!

THE Price

by Adebayo Akande on



I always knew you to be strict and just

Punishing every wrong, chiding every disgust

I wanted to walk perfectly, keeping my feet from dust

Each time I puffed my holy balloon, it seemed to burst


The more I tried the harder I fell,

My story of holiness I failed to sell

My hurt and pain none I could tell

And with trepidation I awaited judgement bell


But I’m alive still not dead

They said it’s because for me you bled

That on my behalf your blood you shed

I still don’t understand all they claim you said;


That said, I’m saved and now forgiven all wrong

But I still feel so unworthy, like I’m smeared with dung

I still feel weak, though I know I should be strong,

It seems like this salvation won’t last so long!


But day by day as I study your word,

I see a friend and father, not just a lord,

I feel bound to you with so strong a cord,

Your love has changed me, lifting me from the mud!


I see your perfect sacrifice has redeemed me,

Once for all time I’m saved, now I clearly see.

It took your blood to purchase me from death

That was the ultimate price for my new birth.

A holy God has qualified sinful me, and in me now dwell

Now I understand the price, I know I’m blessed, favoured and loved, and all will be well!




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