by Adenike Omosanya on

By Adenike Omosanya


We’re all human but not the same
Male or dame, we’ve all got a name
Though nothing we share save for the race
And everyone each to his lane
So get ready, get your boots laced.

Under the sun or in the rain
We run along despite the strain
And washed away is our energy so drained
A race that requires both strength and brains
But with none you get yourself lame
And for your failure there is no one to blame
The finishing line is nothing but our aim
And the reward we get is our gain

Though our strength may fail us
But at the end our spirit will brace up
In this contest no one can bail us
Because every man has a path to race on
And far behind, on others we have to catch up

Our path not straight and the road be so bumpy
As we grace the path with our feet thumping
On the crown is where we set our eyes, gazing
But weak are our bones as our feet get so hasty
For what we crave for is a glory so lasting

Swift they say is for the runner
And depression is the gain of a loner
But only the weak get to be the loser
And praise it is for the winner

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