THE Price

by Adebayo Akande on



I always knew you to be strict and just

Punishing every wrong, chiding every disgust

I wanted to walk perfectly, keeping my feet from dust

Each time I puffed my holy balloon, it seemed to burst


The more I tried the harder I fell,

My story of holiness I failed to sell

My hurt and pain none I could tell

And with trepidation I awaited judgement bell


But I’m alive still not dead

They said it’s because for me you bled

That on my behalf your blood you shed

I still don’t understand all they claim you said;


That said, I’m saved and now forgiven all wrong

But I still feel so unworthy, like I’m smeared with dung

I still feel weak, though I know I should be strong,

It seems like this salvation won’t last so long!


But day by day as I study your word,

I see a friend and father, not just a lord,

I feel bound to you with so strong a cord,

Your love has changed me, lifting me from the mud!


I see your perfect sacrifice has redeemed me,

Once for all time I’m saved, now I clearly see.

It took your blood to purchase me from death

That was the ultimate price for my new birth.

A holy God has qualified sinful me, and in me now dwell

Now I understand the price, I know I’m blessed, favoured and loved, and all will be well!




© 2016

Written by: Adebayo Akande

Adebayo is a medical doctor who currently works at General Amadi Rimi Orthopaedic and Specialty Hospital, Katsina. A teacher of God's word who believes in learning what he doesn't know and sharing what he knows. He has pastored a campus fellowship and was a member of literary groups while on campus. He also works as a freelance writer on topics of interest. Twitter: @daexegete Phone: 08077969610 Facebook: Adebayo Adelana Akande

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